SBA Group Study Room Policies

  • Be considerate of your fellow students at all times.
  • Study rooms are exclusively for the use of groups consisting of two or more law students.  Law students may not reserve rooms on behalf of friends or relatives. (NOTE: The authentication program will not permit a study room to be reserved by anyone who is not currently enrolled in a law school course.)
  • Using his or her Route Y ID; a law student may reserve a study room on behalf of a group for two 60-minute intervals, or one 90-minute and one 30-minute interval, or one 120 minute interval per day. Whenever possible, study rooms should be scheduled in blocks of no less than 60 minutes, and a minimum of 60 minutes must be left open between reservations in the same room by the same study group.
  • Study groups may sign up for only two 2-hour blocks in a single room during the same day (for a maximum of 4 hours/room/day).
  • Law students who violate these policies may have their scheduling privileges revoked at the discretion of the SBA leadership and/or the Law Library Administration. After revocation, privileges may only be reinstated as authorized by the Dean of Student Relations.
  • Study groups must occupy a room within 15 minutes* of their scheduled reservation, or lose their reservation for that hour. (*This rule does not apply to reservations for TA office hours. TA reservations may not be challenged until ALL study rooms on ALL library floors are otherwise occupied.)
  • Unoccupied study rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis to any group of two or more law students.
  • No food is allowed in the study rooms.

Note: Room 388 has been designated as a study room. This room does not have a speaker installed. With the door closed, the occupants may not hear library or building announcements.

(Law School and Library staff have the right to enter
any study room at any time and for any reason.)

Contact Information:

For questions about the study room policy or to report monopolization of a study room, contact the SBA by sending a message to "sbaweb -at-"

For concerns about how the program is functioning, please contact Dianne Davenport through email.


Circulation: 801-422-3593
Reference: 801-422-6658

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